Payment Options

Payment Options

Yates Gas is pleased to offer our customers online bill pay and auto credit card payments for customers with their information on file. You can also check your account online at your convenience.

We have several flexible payment and delivery options from which to choose. Our payment plans include budget billing, working with those who need fuel assistance and pre-buy. We also offer customer payment plans for appliances, heating equipment and special needs. Please select the one that best fits your needs: 


We will reward all of our customers who purchase propane and who pay their bills within 10 days of the invoice date with a 10-cent per gallon discount.


This option is for the budget-conscious homeowner who prefers to pay the same amount each month. We will work with you to create a consistent payment plan amount based on your average fuel use. You can enroll in budget billing anytime.

This option will also give you the peace-of-mind of knowing that your payments will be stable and consistent – and you will avoid finance charges!


Pre-buy your propane today and lock-in your fuel price for tomorrow. This option is available once a year only and upon request. We will accept enrollment in our pre-buy plan between June and August – a time when fuel costs are typically lower.